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Benefits of Green Energy

By using green energy we are generating energy that produces no greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels and reduces air pollution, giving us cleaner air for our children and communities. By diversifying the energy supply it keeps costs low and reduces America’s dependance on imported fuels.

Why AP&G?

AP&G is a top green energy provider to homes and businesses in the US. It has been AP&G’s main focus to provide green energy solutions across America. With our experience in the wholesale and retail energy markets we are able to successfully delivery what our customers need.

How does AP&G stay on top?

Over 15 years in the industry gives us advanced knowledge to help deliver energy and gas to thousands of homes and businesses during these economically challenging times.

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$0 Enrollment

It costs literally nothing to join. There are no fees to enroll with us!

Basket with food

100 Meals

APG donates 100 meals per account to local food banks every account that signs up.

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25% Rebate

Receive a 25% rebate check on your average month's electricity and/or gas supply charges every year you're with us.

Green Factory

$50 Bonus

Get $50 per account to use towards amazing products on our platform

Sketched green world with a drawed hearth

100% Green

By using green energy you are helping the world become a better and cleaner place for the future.

Join the APG family

Contribute to the movement that is helping the world become a better and cleaner place for our children.


What our members say:

“American Power and Gas provided me with excellent customer service when I switched providers and unexpected, but quite fun additional value added benefits to my now totally CLEAN energy needs and preferences. I’m very happy I found them!”

- CV

“American Power&Gas is an amazing company who truly cares about the environment around the world. As the energy market evolves more towards Green energy but yet usually cost a higher premium AP&G has provided away to supply Green energy at NO additional cost.”

- SS

“American Power & Gas is one of a kind! They are very involved with giving to the community through charities/ organizations and treat their customers with the same respect. There should be more companies like this out there! Great customer service and competitive energy pricing…”

- RB