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Our main focus is to provide energy solutions across the USA sourced from renewable energy.

The American Power and Gas LLC core management team have been leaders in Customer Choice programs across America for over 15 years. Advanced industry knowledge and detailed research helps us deliver relief to thousands of businesses and homes in these challenging economic times.

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It has been our main focus to provide green energy solutions across America and with our experience in the wholesale and retail energy markets we are able to deliver successfully what our customers need.

Over many years and during millions of conversations with homes and business owners nationwide, we learned what customers really need and how to serve them better. We found that green energy, excellent rebate programs, as well as a strong desire for a knowledgeable and professional US based live customer service team.

After each year you are with us, you'll receive a 25% rebate check on your average month’s electricity and/or
gas supply charges.

25% Rebate

Contact us through our quick and easy process so you can help the environment by going green.

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American Power & Gas offers green solutions to both residential and small commercial customers. Try our fast online quote engine and join American Power & Gas today.

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